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The History Of Rimoni Industries

machinold31954 – Yotam Rimoni buys his first lathe machine and sets up a small shop in Tel Aviv. 20 years later, through hard work and steady accrual of know-how and reputation, Rimoni Industries had become one of the leading mold manufacturers in Israel. 


1979 – Yotam's three sons, Rafi, Gadi and Danny, join the family business and purchase the Company's first two injection machines.


1994 – Rimoni Industries becomes a public company, traded on the Tel Aviv stock exchange.


1999 – A new 12,000 sqm plant is built in the north of Israel.


1999 – Rimoni establishes a subsidiary, MPE, which specializes in advanced design, production and assembly of precisely integrated metal and plastic components.


Today - Rimoni Industries is a large-scale manufacturer, with two modern facilities deploying state-of-the-art mold making and thermoplastic injection technology, and has become a reputable supplier to the international automotive, medical, agricultural and electronic industries. 

Despite having grown and evolved in the past fifty years from a one-machine shop to an international manufacturer, the Rimoni original values have remained unchanged: a constant commitment to quality, pride in workmanship and love of craft. 


2016 – A new 8,400 sqm plant will be opened in Modi'in, Israel.